Week in Review – 2/10-2/14

As we head into our February Break, here is a quick update from Junior Renata on her work for the Robotics Club. To check out more from Renata on here website, click here.


This week I continued to work on the RPI on Serial communication. Here is the git page, which we finally got working.


We found a new system to download code to the Arduino, called arduino-cli. This is a lot smoother to work with than Arduino-mk, which conversely ca nbe very clunky. Arduino-cli is very fast, responsive, with many functionalities to understand what is happening. In the long run, setting up Arduino-cli will be a huge asset to the project. Here is the git page to learn more about this command line system supported by Arduino:


Below is a quick look at the system. We move from the home directory into the Arduino-RPI directory, which is the repository saved onto github. The thruster is the code in this repository which we have used to successfully control the motor with a potentiometer. The code is shown below.

the .hex and .elf files in here are created when the program compiles.


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